Three Protocol uses state-of-the-art Neural Network AI technology to bring eCommerce and online marketplaces into the AI era.

Three Protocols Novel Procurement Matching Neural Network AI (PMNN AI) model utlises a hybrid combination of NN approaches: BERT for user queries, CNNs for product and review images, RNNs for product/service descriptions and reviews, Siamese networks for product and service feature particulars and GNNs for relationships data between products.

The project then develops its own suite of RWA, product, and service marketplaces that use no-KYC ZKP-Snarks for anonymity, rust tri-provable smart contracts for non-custodial payments, and a transactional DAO structure for disputes.


Liquidity 75%

Staking 10%

Team 15%



The Three Protocol innovatively addresses the challenges of financial exclusion and inefficiency in online marketplaces by leveraging the transformative power of blockchain technology.

It employs No-KYC ZKP Pseudo Anonymity for user privacy, Neural Network AI for enhanced marketplace interactions, and a Tri-Signature DAO governance model to democratize platform operations.

By exclusively using cryptocurrencies (notably the native token $THREE) for transactions, the protocol ensures global inclusivity, fostering a new era of decentralized, efficient, and equitable eCommerce ecosystems.


Jobs3 is the first Three Protocol marketplace. It offers an employment landscape that dismantles geographical and economic barriers through a decentralized platform that connects a global workforce with diverse opportunities.

Using cutting-edge Neural Network AI, the platform guides users through job matching and transaction processes, while No-KYC ZKP Pseudo Anonymity ensures privacy without compromising security.

Through its Tri-Signature DAO governance and cryptocurrency transactions, Jobs3 fosters an inclusive, merit-based ecosystem that empowers freelancers, employees, and employers in our evolving digital economy.


3Bay redefines the online auction and sales landscape. By eliminating traditional financial and privacy constraints, 3Bay offers a decentralised platform that facilitates secure and efficient transactions.

It harnesses the robustness of No-KYC ZKP Pseudo Anonymity to protect user identities and maintain transactional anonymity. The integration of Neural Network AI streamlines the auction process and ensures a user-friendly experience.

The platform's governance is underpinned by a Tri-Signature DAO structure, which, along with cryptocurrency-based transactions, promotes a transparent, inclusive, and democratic marketplace environment.